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  • Start: 5.7 miles from Bloxham
  • Length of walk:  3.25 miles  (5.2 km)
  • a few mild-moderate gradients
  • dog friendly

A fairly easy 5.2 km circular walk from Wroxton to North Newington and back.  It starts on a footpath adjacent to Wroxton primary school.

The Wroxton Dovecote is an octagonal tower and a Gothic style folly, sometimes called  Wroxton Castle that you see at the very start of the walk.

The outward walk is mostly just countryside but on the route back from North Newington there are several points of interest.
The Wroxton or Drayton Arch, is a real eye catcher of a folly dating from the mid-late 1700s.

The Wroxton obelisk was commissioned by Francis North the Earl of Guildford, to commemorate avisit by the Prince of Wales, Frederick of Hanover in 1739.

Wroxton has a 14C church and a Jacobean house, known as Wroxton Abbey, that is now Fairleigh Dickinson University’s English campus. You can visit the grounds of the “Abbey” if you so wish – no dogs!

There is also an ironstone quarry (not on this walk) northwest of the village that was worked from in 1917 to 1967 and had its own railway, the Oxfordshire Ironstone Railway, that linked the quarry to the mainline network.

GPS Data

Waypoint N E N degrees N Minutes W degrees W Minutes
Wroxton 01 52.072721 -1.396653 52 4.36326 1 23.79918
Wroxton 02 52.072549 -1.402999 52 4.35294 1 24.17994
Wroxton 03 52.07032 -1.399319 52 4.2192 1 23.95914
Wroxton 04 52.064048 -1.394062 52 3.84288 1 23.64372
Wroxton 05 52.057557 -1.390457 52 3.45342 1 23.42742
Wroxton 06 52.05724 -1.38402 52 3.4344 1 23.0412
Wroxton 07 52.064101 -1.384363 52 3.84606 1 23.06178
Wroxton 08 52.067847 -1.382389 52 4.07082 1 22.94334
Wroxton 09 52.069219 -1.391959 52 4.15314 1 23.51754
Wroxton 10 52.070828 -1.394491 52 4.24968 1 23.66946

Route description

Here is a description of the route as per the GPS waypoints given above

  1. Start – Village Pond
  2. Go up past the left of the primary school
  3. Go past the barns / sheds and head off across the fields. Don’t follow the signs pointing to your left.
  4. Keep heading directly South along the footpath
  5. From here the Village of North Newington is just ahead.
  6. Basically turn left at the village road and head to the end of school lane. Don’t head back North yet. Go East across fields to get to a bridge over a stream.
  7. The Drayton Archway will come into view on the right.Shortly after you will see ther Wroxton Obelisk
  8. Re-cross the stream at the bridge and head diagonally left (NorthWest) uphill towards the obelisk
  9. You are now heading down towards a lake in the direction of Wroxton Abbey
  10. You are now heading back past another folly towards the farm buildings near the school. If you prefer there is a pathway alongside Wroxton Abbey leading back to the duck-pond.

Google Map

Click here to view Circular Wroxton walk in a Googlemap.

Ordnance Survey Map

You need Map 191
You can get an online OS Map here.


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