PostHeaderIcon Deddington Circular – East Loop

  • Start – 4.6 miles from Bloxham
  • Length of walk – 6.5 miles (10 km)
  • Gently undulating
  • Dog – friendly – but take a lead


Deddington is a pretty village with an attractive market place. Deddington Parish Church first appears in historical records in 1254. The massive west tower once had a tall spire that collapsed in 1634, damaging the rest of the church. Rebuilding had to await the end of the Civil War during which King Charles I had the church bells melted down for artillery.
There was also a Deddington Castle dating mostly to the 11th-14th centuries but this is now just a grass mound.
The walk starts in the MarketPlace, heads south-east and then loops north to Clifton. From here it goes north-west towards PaperMill cottages before looping back south-west to Deddington. The walk is signposted but when we walked this at least two signs were totally overgrown.

Deddington is about 6 miles (10 km) south of Banbury and 7 miles (11 km) from Junction 10 of the M40 motorway.

GPS Data

Waypoint N W Route description
D01 51 58.674 1 19.238 Walk through to the main Oxford Road and head south until you get to Chapmans Lane on the outskirts of the village.
D02 51 58.627 1 19.144 Head up Chapman Lane
D03 51 58.374 1 18.489 Left at the Farm and right at the T- junction past an aviary and farmhouse to a T-junction by a pond. (Look out for herons!)
D04 51 58.197 1 18.101 Right and continue to end of hedged lane.
D05 51 58.078 1 17.901 Left. Follow hedge and pass through 1st gate
D06 51 58.078 1 17.901 Through a further gate and diagonally right across a field. (Sheep!)
D07 51 58.074 1 17.575 Down the hill to South Brook. Left through 1st gate with hedge on your right alongside 2 fields
D08 51 58.276 1 17.289 At the end of 2nd field turn left and in 100m right through a gate along a field edge.
D09 51 58.419 1 17.201 Continue to a gate and along a hedged lane to Clifton
D10 51 58.948 1 17.265 Turn left at the Duke of Cumberland pub down the main road.
D11 51 58.935 1 17.397 Right opposite manor Farm up Tithe Lane.
D12 51 59.317 1 17.740 Pass a house after about 800m.
D13 51 59.683 1 17.842 There should be a waymark post about 600m further – before the track swings right. Turn left along the edge of a field – hedge on your right.
D14 51 59.650 1 18.061 At the end of the field turn left again to the end of the field.
D15 51 59.501 1 18.096 Right onto a track that goes left then right.
D16 51 59.438 1 18.113 Follow the track past houses and offices in the distance where it turns into a concrete road.NW
D17 51 59.201 1 18.702 Fork right diagonally across a field with Deddington church to your right.
D18 51 58.977 1 18.92 Arrive back in Deddington and bear right back to the villager centre along Earl Street

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