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  • Start – 2.7 miles from Bloxham
  • Length of walk – 2.8 miles (4.5 km)
  • Fairly flat
  • Dog – friendly


The walk starts at the village green, heads off towards Bodicote and then to the end of Bloxham Grove before heading back to Adderbury.

Adderbury is about 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Banbury and 9 miles (14 km) from Junction 10 of the M40 motorway. The Sor Brook divides the village in two and each part has its own green and manor house.

GPS Data and route instructions

Waypoint N E
AddC_01 52.0197 -0.3126
Start at the village green. Head for the hairdresser’s shop and along Croft lane
AddC_02 52.0198 -0.3132
As the lane opens into a field head NW across scrub.1
AddC_03 52.0207 -0.3161
Stay on the path through a gateway and along ther edge of the field.
AddC_04 52.0252 -0.3185
Turn left through a kissing gate and head diagonally right to a gate in ther corner of the field
AddC_05 52.0283 -0.3224
Through the gate, along the field edg. Just past a wide gap in the hedge head diagonally NW downhill.
AddC_06 52.0286 -0.3229
Go through a gap in the hedge (across a plank bridge) then turn left and follow the ditch as it turns the corner, then turn left to cross over it and immediately right to go along a grass track.
AddC_07 52.0295 -0.3248
Go through a gate and turn left. field towards the small building near Lower Grove Mill.
AddC_08 52.0290 -0.3263
Head past a reservoir (on your right), turn left onto a wide track, over the bridge and between the buildings and through a field gate.
AddC_09 52.0281 -0.3271
Along the field edge track, through a gate ato where you can see the windmill Bloxham Church in the distance.
AddC_10 52.0270 -0.3338
Turn left at the track junction and go down the tree lined avenue.
AddC_11 52.0255 -0.3341
See views of Adderbury Church in the distance on your left. Follow the path diagonally SE, up a slope, across the centre of a field and over a stile.
AddC_12 52.0213 -0.3319
Cross the next field, through a woodland strip down to a gate with a stile to its left.
AddC_13 52.0196 -0.3292
Over the stile, across the meadow and through a kissing gate.
AddC_14 52.0168 -0.3273
Cross the Sor Brook via the footbridge and a gate.
AddC_15 52.0158 -0.3261
Turn right and head uphill, then through a gate between two stone walls and along the alleyway into Manor
AddC_16 52.0159 -0.3216
Turn left and head down Manor Rd back towards the village green.
AddC_17 52.0161 -0.3192
AddC_18 52.0169 -0.3122


Google Maps

Click here for a google map of the walk.

You can get an online OS map here.


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