PostHeaderIcon Grimsbury Reservoir Circular

  • Start:  4.6 miles from Bloxham
  • Length of walk: 1.5 miles (2.4km)
  • flat – as a pancake!
  • dog friendly

Grimsbury Reservoir is a relatively small reservoir fed by the River Cherwell and owned by Thames Water and used both for water supply and sporting activities.
In the mid 1960s, when the reservoir was built the Banbury Ornithological Society negotiated  for a four hectare area to be set aside and developed as a wildlife sanctuary to address the potential importance of the area to birds .
A walk around two sides of the reservoir has been established  but this also links up with a pathway through a nature reserve and  the canal towpath . This walk takes in all three providing a short but varied exploration of the area.

GPS Data

Waypoint N E N degrees N Minutes W degrees W Minutes
Grm01 52.078537 -1.327172 52 4.71222 1 19.63032
Grm02 52.079938 -1.326829 52 4.79628 1 19.60974
Grm03 52.079294 -1.330604 52 4.75764 1 19.83624
Grm04 52.078495 -1.335519 52 4.7097 1 20.13114
Grm05 52.076504 -1.336365 52 4.59024 1 20.1819
Grm06 52.073557 -1.336788 52 4.41342 1 20.20728
Grm07 52.072156 -1.333891 52 4.32936 1 20.03346
Grm01 52.078537 -1.327172 52 4.71222 1 19.63032

Route Description

This is a very simple route.

  1. Follow the signs to Grimsbury Reservoir off Hennef Way, Banbury.
  2. Park in the car-park adjacent to the entry to the waterworks.
  3. Enter the road to the reservoir and Banbury sailing club.
  4. Follow the pathway to the right of the reservoir until you reach a wooded conservation area.
  5. Take the pathway through these woods.
  6. At the end of this path you can turn left back to a walk down the other side of the resrvoir or else turn right onto the canal towpath. Take the towpath.
  7. Continue down the towpath and when you arrive back at the Waterworks cross a stream to arrive on a road back to the car-park.


Click here for a Google satellite map of this walk. (Awaited!)

Ordnance survey maps

You need OS Map 191
You can get an online OS map here.


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