PostHeaderIcon Barfords Circular

  • Start: 2.2 miles from Bloxham
  • Length of walk: 2.25 miles  (3.6 km )
  • Fairly flat
  • Dog friendly but  farm animals on outward route

This walk commences in Barford St Michael whichis is a village on the south bank of the River Swere. Barford probably means barley ford – a place to cross the river at harvest time. In 1086 it was known as Bereford, and by around 1250 as Bereford Sancti Michaelis. Barford

The village has an attractive church which may be worth a visit before the walk. Some of the church is Norman but much of the rest was rebuilt in the 13th century in the Early English style

The second half of the walk runs alongside a disused airfield: RAF Barford St John’s .
The airfield was opened in World War 2 as training facility used primarily by the Flying Training School from RAF Kidlington. It was later modified for use by RAF Upper Heyford and Bomber Command flew Wellington bombers and Mosquitoes from there .
In 1943 it was used for test flights of the first jet, the Gloucester Whittle, and it’s successor the Meteor. The airfield was mothballed in 1946 but has subsequently assumed a role in government communications as evidenced by the many aerials dotted across it.

GPS Data

Waypoint N E N degrees N Minutes W degrees W Minutes
BarfordSJ 01 51.995292 -1.36371 51 59.71752 1 21.8226
BarfordSJ 02 51.994553 -1.353765 51 59.67318 1 21.2259
BarfordSJ 03 51.99524 -1.344023 51 59.7144 1 20.64138
BarfordSJ 04 52.000068 -1.345289 52 0.00408 1 20.71734
BarfordSJ 05 52.000035 -1.3452575 52 0.0021 1 20.71545
BarfordSJ 06 51.999692 -1.348143 51 59.98152 1 20.88858
BarfordSJ 07 51.998879 -1.352005 51 59.93274 1 21.1203
BarfordSJ 08 51.997591 -1.354687 51 59.85546 1 21.28122
BarfordSJ 09 51.998833 -1.359687 51 59.92998 1 21.58122
BarfordSJ 10 51.99849 -1.362648 51 59.9094 1 21.75888

Route Description

  1. Start – straight along farm road.
  2. Dilapidated farm cottage and pond.
  3. Keep heading towards the big farmhouse and then turn left (North) to pass through a field along the bottom of a hill on which the farmhouse stands.
  4. Leave the field via a cronky wooden gate! You can go wrong here! Don’t follow the main footpath North. Turn left and pass through another gate just 20m or so away.
  5. Now head more or less west along the side of the field with a ariels on your right.
  6. Keep going basically west.
  7. Keep going basically west.
  8. The pathway bends slightly northwards here.
  9. Arrive at a gate to your left and head through this to the road.
  10. Turn left and head back to the starting point along the road.

Google maps

Click here for a Google satellite map of this walk.

Ordnance survey maps

You need OS Map 191
You can get an online OS map here.


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