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  • Start: 21 miles from Bloxham
  • Length of walk: 3.4 miles (5.5 km )
  • pretty flat
  • dog friendly

Circular walk halfway between Oxford and Bicester – easy but potentially muddy.
About 5.5 km
The name derives from Anglo-Saxon Otta’s Fen. The partial draining of these marshes led to civil disturbances known as the Otmoor Riots of 1829 to 1830.
St. Mary the Virgin Church of Charlton on Otmoor was Built in 1250 AD and is considered one of the best 1000 churches in the UK.
Otmoor is a nature reserve of wet meadows and reedbeds. In winter there are thousands of ducks and in spring and summer wading birds, such as lapwings and redshanks.
It includes a stretch across a military firing range so best to stay alert!
The walk includes an old Roman Road that ran between between Bicester and Dorchester-on-Thames.
It twice crosses the unusually straight New River Ray which is where the river has been diverted.

GPS Data

N degrees
N Minutes
W degrees
W Minutes
Ot01 51.838352 -1.184824 51 50.30112 1 11.08944
Ot02 51.830002 -1.198792 51 49.80012 1 11.92752
Ot03 51.829219 -1.196121 51 49.75314 1 11.76726
Ot04 51.82631 -1.17146 51 49.5786 1 10.2876
Ot05 51.834778 -1.171146 51 50.08668 1 10.26876
Ot06 51.833638 -1.181688 51 50.01828 1 10.90128

Route Description

  1. Keep the church on the right and walk through the village of Charlton-on-Otmoor.
  2. At Oddington branch left by a telephone box, and follow a footpath towards Horton-cum-Studley. Cross a concrete bridge.
  3. At the next junction avoid the gates and follow the parallel bridleway between ditches and hedges. Reach the signs for Otmoor’s military firing range. If permitted go ahead until you reach a gate on the left and several gates on the right.
  4. You can go through the gate on the left cutting back across the fields. Instead we turn left onto a broad old Roman road north.
  5. Turn left when you reach a junction and head back west .
  6. Turn right (NNW) at the corrugated barns and head back to the Charlton. The church tower is clearly visible now. Cross the New River Ray and climb the slope to the junction. Turn left by the Crown and return to the church in the centre of the Village.

Google Map

Click here to see a Google satellite view of Otmoor in a new window

Ordnance Survey map

You need OS Map 180
You can get an on-line copy here


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