PostHeaderIcon Bloxham Grove Circular

  • Start: On Northern edge of  Bloxham in Grove Road
  • Length of walk:  3.3 miles  (5.3 km )
  • Mildly undulating – one steep hill
  • dog friendly

The following is taken from British History online.
Much of the manor’s land, however, was sold in the 17th century. In 1601 Richard Fiennes (d. 1613) sold the 2 manor-houses of Bloxham Beauchamp and Bloxham Fiennes with 16 yardlands and 2 mills to Sir Thomas Garway, merchant of the Staple. In 1612 this property, together with the new dwelling-house built by Sir Thomas Garway, was sold to John Griffith, a descendant of William Griffith, Chamberlain of North Wales. On John’s death in 1632 the property probably passed to his brother Richard (d. 1636) and to Richard’s son John (d. 1662). (fn. 144) John conveyed the property to Ambrose Thelwell in 1653. The conveyance, however, may have been a mortgage, for Mrs. Margaret Griffith, probably John’s relict, was assessed for tax on the new house in 1665. Before 1667, however, the house and various closes passed to John Cartwright of Aynho, and was absorbed in his other property in the parish. (fn. 145)

GPS Data

Waypoint N E N degrees N Minutes W degrees W Minutes
BloxGroveWP1 52.028086 -1.364322 52 1.68516 1 21.85932
BloxGroveWP2 52.027888 -1.358399 52 1.67328 1 21.50394
BloxGroveWP3 52.025445 -1.359622 52 1.5267 1 21.57732
BloxGroveWP4 52.023973 -1.359429 52 1.43838 1 21.56574
BloxGroveWP5 52.025439 -1.356522 52 1.52634 1 21.39132
BloxGroveWP6 52.025927 -1.349977 52 1.55562 1 20.99862
BloxGroveWP7 52.027736 -1.342263 52 1.66416 1 20.53578
BloxGroveWP8 52.028891 -1.339774 52 1.73346 1 20.38644
BloxGroveWP9 52.030687 -1.336105 52 1.84122 1 20.1663
BloxGroveWP10 52.030977 -1.335182 52 1.85862 1 20.11092
BloxGroveWP11 52.031334 -1.333036 52 1.88004 1 19.98216
BloxGroveWP12 52.027558 -1.334925 52 1.65348 1 20.0955

Route Description

Bloxham to Bodicote along Bloxham Grove Road

  1. Start – park in the lay-by and head East down Bloxham Grove Road
  2. Just B4 a cowshed turn right through a kissing gate. Walk along the a strip of land bordering a playing field and through a second kissing gate
  3. The gate is around 20m from the corner of the field. Pass through gate and directly along the side of the field.
  4. Find another gate in the corner.
  5. Cut diagonally (NE) across the middle of this next field.
  6. Go through a gate.
  7. After which follow the edge of the field through another gate to eventually arrive at a private farm road.At the farm road head diagonally across the field opposite passing over a stile about 1/3 of the way.
  8. You re-hit the Road and see a white windmill a few hundred yards right (East).
  9. Diagonally cross the road and head onto the footpath.
  10. Cross a small double gated bridge over a brook.
  11. Arrive near what was once a water mill and turn right to head up the hill on a gated road.
  12. Arrive at top of hill in a farmyard.Here is the Windmill. It makes a nice photograph! Now head straight back down the road to the starting point.

Google map

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Ordnance survey maps

You need OS Map 191
You can get an online OS map here.


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