PostHeaderIcon Walks from the Bloxham area

The website was initially compiled as a personal record of walks we have recently taken within 30 miles or so of  Bloxham – mostly very much closer.  It was never intended as a perfect set of instructions for the general public!

I share the pages on the understanding that users perform their own risk-assessments:  we accept no responsibility for any injury sustained by people undertaking the walks.

Common sense tells you to make sure you wear good walking shoes, take plenty of water, an OS Map and a mobile phone. We also find that an anti-shock walking pole oftimes makes a handy third leg!

We include GPS data for those who enjoy the benefits of satellite navigation.  We also offer access to Google-Maps showing satellite views of the walks.
Recently Bing Maps offers OS maps which, unlike Google, have footpaths marked. You can get the coordinate of any point on a Bing map by right-clicking and centring the map at that point and then typing or pasting javascript:map.GetCenter() into the address bar. (Sounds complicated but takes seconds.)

The walks are listed alphabetically and as a short excerpts. Click on the walk title to get the full details plus pictures.  You can also use the list at the side to pick walks of a particular length or that start a particular distance from Bloxham.

Happy Walking!  If you have some favourite walks in or around Bloxham let us know and we will attempt to try them out and add them to the site. You can email here.

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