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PostHeaderIcon Bloxham – Broughton – Wykham Mill Circular

  • Start: within Bloxham – Courtington Lane
  • Length of walk: 4.3 miles (6.9km)
  • Steep hill- Can avoid by starting along Ells lane instead of up Hobb Hill.
  • Dog hostile – stiles from Ells Lane to Broughton impossible for large dogs.


Hobb Hill offers a panoramic view of Bloxham. In the snow it is a mass of slithering humanity utilising gravity assisted motion on sleds, trays and polythene bags!
Broughton is the site of Broughton Castle but this is not directly on the route.
There are historical references to Robert de Wykeham, mill owner, around 1218. The Mill would have been powered by the waters of the Sor Brook.
More recently the Wykham Mill Buildings has been the site of manufacture of the Jaguar XJ220 and then subsequently the Aston Martin DB7 from 1994 – 2004.

GPS Data and Route

Waypoint N E Route
WM01 52.022078 -1.377325

Walk down the alley at the footpath next to the playing fields in Courtington Lane.

WM02 52.023716 -1.37857 Head straight up Hobb Hill alongside the hedge on the right. Enjoy the view of Bloxham from the top!
WM03 52.026779 -1.381788 Basically just keep going alongside the hedge until you find yourself near the left of a new field. Follow this to Ells lane opposite Ells farm
WM04 52.028522 -1.38299 Turn left and walk along Ells lane until you see a footpath sign on the right heading North- take this.
WM05 52.031505 -1.383548 After a short time the footpath bends NW across some tricky stiles.
WM06 52.03235 -1.385994 Take the right edge of the field when you get near Castle farm and carry on to meet the main road through Broughton village.
WM07 52.035914 -1.387968 Turn right and head into the village until you reach Wykham Lane where you again turn right.
WM08 52.039161 -1.390929 Head up the lane and out of the village.
WM09 52.0432 -1.387496 At Rectory Farm – just outside the village go along the driveway immediately before the farm to pick up a footpath heading SE to Broughton Grange.
WM10 52.042936 -1.380672 Follow the path around Broughton Grange and on past Wykham Mill onto the A361.
WM11 52.040138 -1.377926 Turn right and head up the A316
WM12 52.038053 -1.374321  
WM13 52.03433 -1.364965  
WM14 52.022158 -1.377153 Arrive back at the start in Courtington Lane.


Google Map

Click here for a Google satellite view of this walk.

Ordnance survey maps

You need OS Map 191
You can get an online OS map here.


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The website was initially compiled as a personal record of walks we have recently taken within 30 miles or so of  Bloxham – mostly very much closer.  It was never intended as a perfect set of instructions for the general public!

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Common sense tells you to make sure you wear good walking shoes, take plenty of water, an OS Map and a mobile phone. We also find that an anti-shock walking pole oftimes makes a handy third leg!

We include GPS data for those who enjoy the benefits of satellite navigation.  We also offer access to Google-Maps showing satellite views of the walks.
Recently Bing Maps offers OS maps which, unlike Google, have footpaths marked. You can get the coordinate of any point on a Bing map by right-clicking and centring the map at that point and then typing or pasting javascript:map.GetCenter() into the address bar. (Sounds complicated but takes seconds.)

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