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Studylynx - a world of education links

The web has a wealth of resources but which ones are appropriate? This site offers access to 11,000 constantly updated weblinks for UK schoolchildren aged 11-14+. Parents educating their child at home will also find these very useful.

The links are organised by subject, key stage 3 topic, keyword or resource type. You can also suggest new links or report dead ones. Every site has been carefully viewed but we cannot be responsible for the changing content of external sites. (Ideally your child should be accessing the web via some content filtering software.)

The site is free - no cost, no adverts, no junk mail, no hassle. You can get started by clicking on 'Subject' and choosing whatever is of interest. When you get to the list of links - just click on the link and it will open up in a new window. If you like it - tell others. Put it on your facebook pages. Tell your teachers! To suggest improvements email us here

Some sites use acrobat files or movie players If the players are not already installed on your computer you can download them by clicking on the logos below:

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